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Research Areas

The National centre for petroleum Research and development NCPRD, Energy Commission of Nigeria ECN, ATBU, are mandated and responsible for organising reseach in fossil fuel energies and other geological-related energy resources. the current ongoing-research projects consist of:

  • • Assessment of the petroleum potentials of the upper Benue trough NE Nigeria.
  • • Review/assessment of coal qualities of upper Benue trough, NE Nigeria.
  • • Tectonic trends and geological implication on the basis of new aeromagnetic data from the upper Benue
  • • Geological storage of CO2: Suitability analysis and potential implementation challenges in the Niger Delta Basin
  • • Palynostratigraphy of the Gongola formation at Ashaka Cement Quarry, Northern Benue trough, Nigeria
  • • Analysis of landsat and aeromagnetic data over Awe and enviroment, Middle Benue Trough, Nigeria

The National Centre for Petroleum Research and Development consist of various Research Department, conducting varieties of research and developents. Below are the list of NCPRD research departments:

    1- Petroleum Resources Research Department
  • • Biostratigraphy Research unit
  • • Organic Geochemistry Research Unit
  • • Reservoir Geology and Reservoir Engineering Research Unit
  • • Structural Geology and Exploration Geophysics Research Unit
  • • Product Demand and Supply Research Unit
  • • Downstream Facilities (Refinery and Petrochemicals) Research Unit

2- Coal and Bitumen Resources Research Department

3- Uranium Resources Research Department

4- Emerging Energies and Technologies Research Department
  • • Geothermal Energy Research Unit

5- Environment and Climate Resources Department
  • • Biofuels and Clean Coal Technology Research Unit
  • • Environmental Monitoring and Remediation Research unit

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