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The Library of National Centre for petroleum research and development (NCPRD) consist of a collection of materials, books, journals, manuscript and some other source of recorded information that are accessible for use by the internal staff of the centre and also external researchers. The centre makes provision of physical (Hard copies) and digital access (soft copies) materials.

The management of the National centre for petroleum Research and development NCPRD, Energy Commission of Nigeria ECN, ATBU, wishes to inform the general public that the following books and journals are available in the libary section of the centre :

1 A Stratigraphic Index of Dinoflagellate Cysts- Edited by A. J. Powel, Publisher- Springer (1992)
2 Radiolarians in the Sedimentary Record- Edited by P. De Wever, P. Dumitrica, J. P. Camlet, C. Nigrini, M. Caridriot- Publisher- Taylor & Francis (2002)
3 Morphology & Stratigraphic Ranges of Selected Mesozoic - Cenozoic Dinoflagellate Texa in Northern Hemisphere- Edited by Graham I. Williams & others, Publisher- Geological survey of Cannada (1993)
4 Recent Development in Applied Biostratigraphy- Edited By Allister James Powell & J. B. Riding, Publisher- Geological Society (2005)
5 Biostratigraphy in Production & Development Geology- Edited by Robert W. J., M. D. Simunons, Publisher- Geological Society 
6 Sedimentology: Recent Development & Applied Aspects- Edited  by P.J Brenchley & B. P. J. Williams, Publisher- Geological Society of London (1985)
7 Principle of Sedimentology- Edited by Sam Boggs, Publisher- Prentice Hall (1995)
8 Exercises in Sedimentology- Edited by G. M. Fredman, K. G. Johnson, Publisher- Wiley (1982)
9 Marine Clastic Sedimentology: Concepts & Case Studies: A Volume in Memory of C. Tarquin Teale – Edited by J. K. Legett, G. G. Zuffa – Publisher, Graham & Trotman (1987)
10 Depositional Systems- Edited by Richard Albert Davis, Publisher- Prentice Hall (1992)
11 Seismic Exploration Fundamentals: Seismic Technology for Finding Oil- Edited by J. A. Coffeen, Publisher- Penn Well (1986)
12 Statistical Decision & Related Techniques in Oil & Gas Exploration- Edited by Gordon M. Kaufman, Publisher- Prentice Hall (1963)
13 Exploring for Oil and Gas Traps- by Edward A. Beaumont, Norman H. Foster, publisher- APPG (1999)
14 Principle of Petroleum Prospecting- Edited by Kinji Magara, Publisher- Scientific Publishing Centre, King Abdulaziz University (1986)
15 Micropalaeontology in Petroleum Exploration – Edited by Robert Wyn Jones – Publisher, Claredon Press (2005)
16 Palynology: Spores & Pollen – Edited by Marjona D. Mur, William A. S. Sargeant – Publisher, Dowden Hutchinson & Ross (1977)
17 Palynology (Vol. 1-4) – Publisher, AASP
18 Paleo Data Banks Volume 19, Issue 2- Palynodata (1983) – Publisher,  Ade Books
19 Morphologic Encyclopedia of Palynology: An International Collection of Definitions & Illustrations of Spores & Pollen – Edited by Gerbhard Otto Wilhelm Kremp – Publisher, University of Arizona Press (1985)
20 Plankton Stratigraphy:  Vol. 1,  Planktonic Foraminifera, Calcarous Nanna Fossils & Calpionellid – Edited by Hans M. - Bolli, John B. Saunders, Katharina Persh-Niadsen – Publisher, CUP Archive (1989)
21 Time-Series Analysis & Cyclosrotigraphy Examining Stratigraphic Records of Environment Cycles – Edited by Graham P. Weeden,  Publisher – Cambridge University Press (2005)
22 Cyclostratigraphy & the Milankovitch Theory – Edited by Walther Schwarzacher – Publisher, Elservier (1993)
23 Biostratigraphy Microfossils & Geological Time- Edited by Brian McGowran, Publisher – Cambridge University Press (2008)
24 Principle of Paleoclimatology – Edited by Thomas M. Cronin – Publisher, Colombia University Press (1999)
25 Paleoclimate Analysis and Modeling – Edited by Alc D. Hecht – Publisher, Wiley (1985)
26 Spectral Analysis & Time Series, Volume 1-2 – Edited by Maurrice B. P. – Publisher, Academic Press (1981)
27 Benthic Foraminiferal Biostratigraphy of the South Caribbean Region by Hans M. Bolli, J. P. Beckmann & J. B. Saunders – Publisher, Cambridge University Press  (1994)
28 Sedimentary Organic Matter: Organic Facies & Palynofacies by Richard V. Tyson – Publisher, Chapman & Hall (1995)
29 Source Rocks in Sequence Stratigraphic Framework – Edited by Bassy Jay Katz, L. M. Pratt – Publisher, AAPG (1993)
30 Sandstone Petroleum Reservoirs – Edited by John H. Barwis, John G. McPherson, &Joseph R. J. Studlick. – Publisher, Springer-Verlag (1990)
31 Structural Traps II: Traps Associated with Tectonic Faulting – Edited by Edward A. Beaumont – Publisher, AAPG (1990)
32 Structural Traps I: Tectonic Fold Traps- Edited by Edward A. Beaumont – Publisher, AAAPG (1990)
33 Carbonate Petroleum Reservoirs – Edited by P. O. Roahl, P. W. Croquette  Publisher, Springer (1985)
34 Sediment Transfer from Shelf to Deep Water – Edited by R. M. Slatt C. Zavala: AAPG Studies in Geology #61
35 Uncertainty Analysis & Reservoir Modeling – Edited by Y. Zee Ma & Paul La Pointe: AAPG Memoir #96
36 Basin Modeling: New Horizons in Research & Application – Edited by K. E. Peters, D. J. Curry, & M. Kacewicz – Publisher, AAPG
37 Introduction  to Seismic Interpretation: AAPG Discovery Series #16
38 Paleogeography, Paleoclimate and Source Rocks – Edited by Alain-Yves Huc: AAPG Studies in Geology #40
39 Shale Reservoirs: Giant Resources for the 21st Century – Edited by J. A. Breyer: AAPG Memoirs #97
40 Interpretation of Three Dimensional Seismic Data by Alistair R. Brown: AAPG Memoirs #42
41 Basic Well Log Analysis (2nd Edition) by G. Asquith & D. Krygowski: AAPG Methods in Exploration Series #16
42 Stochastic Modeling & Geostatistics – Edited by T. C. Coburn, J. M. Yarus, & R. L. Chambers: AAPG Computer Applications in Geology #5
43 Geographic Information System in Petroleum –Edited by T. C. Coburn & J. M. Yarus: AAPG Computer Applications in Geology #4
44 Geologic Log Analysis Using Computer Methods by J. H. Doveton: AAPG Computer Applications in Geology #2
45 Shale Tectonics – Edited by Lesli J. Wood: AAPG Memoirs #93
46 Oil Field Production Geology by Mike Shephard: AAPG Memoirs #91
47 Thrust Fault Related Folding – Edited by K. McClay, J. H. Shaw, & J. Suppe: AAPG Memors #94
48 Carbonate Sequence Stratigraphy: Recent Development and Application – Edited by R. G. Loucks & J. F. Sarg: AAPG Memoirs #57
49 Color Guide to Petrography of Carbonate Rocks – Edited by P. A. Scholle D. S. Ulmer-Scholle: AAPG Memoirs #77
50 Integration of Outcrop and Modern Analogs in Reservoir Modeling – Edited by G. M. Grammer, P. M. “Mitch” Harris, & G. P. Eberli: AAPG Memoir #80
51 Carbonate Depositional Environments – Edited by P. A. Scholle, D. G. Bebout, & G. H. Moore: AAPG Memoirs #33
52 Sandstone Depositional Environments – Edited by P. A. Scholle & D. Spearing: AAPG Memoir #31
53 Geological Applications of Well Logs – Edited by M. Lovell & N. Parkinson: AAPG Methods in Exploration Series #13
54 Sample Examination Manual by R. G. Swanson: AAPG Methods in Exploration Series
55 International Oil and Gas Ventures: A Business Perspective – Edited by G. E. Kronman, D. B. Felio & T. E. O’Connor – Publisher, AAPG
56 Geology of Petroleum  (2nd Edition) by A. I. Levorsen: AAPG Foundation Commemorative Edition
57 Carbon Dioxide Sequestration in Geographical Media–State of the Science – Edited by M. Grobe, J. C. Pashin, & R. L. Dooge: AAPG Studies in Geology #59
58 Energy: A Historical Perspective and 21st Century Forecast by Amos Salvador: AAPG Studies in Geology #54
59 Regional to Well Bore Analog for Fluvial–Deltaic  Reservoir Modeling: Feron Sandstone of Utah – Edited by T. C. Chidsey Jr., R. D. Adams & T. H. Morris: AAPG Studies in Geology #50
60 Geological Perspective of Global Climate Change – Edited by L. C. Gerhard, W. E. Harrison, & B. M. Hanson: AAPG Studies in Geology #50 
61 Erdtman's Hand Book on Palynology (2nd Edition) by G. E. Erdtman – Publisher, Hafner Pub. Co. (1969)
62 Pollen and Spores (2nd Edition) by Ronald O. Kapp – Publisher, Wm C. Brown Co.
63 Aspect of Palynology – Edited by R. H. Tschudy & R. A. Scott
64 Carbonate Sedimentology & Sequence Stratigraphy by Wolfang Schlager: SEPM Concepts in Sedimentology & Paleontology #8
65 Paleopalynology by Alfred Traverse – Publisher, Springer
66 Proceedings of the Second West African Micropaleontological Colloquium, Ibadan, June 18th - July 1st 1965- Edited by Hinte J. Var, 1966
67 The Chemistry and Technology of Coal (Third Edition) by James G. Speight – Publishers, CRC Press
68 The Biomarker Guide (2nd Edition): Volume 1, Biomarkers and Isotopes in the Environment and Human History by K. E. Peters, C. C. Walters, & J. M. Moldowan – Publishers, Cambridge University Press (2005)
69 Coal Geology by Larry Thomas – Publishers, Wiley Interscience
70 Handbook of Coal Analysis (Chemical Analysis: A Series of Monographs on Analytical Chemistry and its Applications) by James G. Speight – Publisher, Wiley Interscience (2005)
71 Reservoir Quality Prediction In Sandstones and Carbonates – Edited by J. A. Kupecz, J. Gluyas and S. Bloch: AAPG Memoir #69
72 Chemistry: The Key to our Sustainable Future – Edited by Minu Gupta Bhowon, Sabina Jhaumeer-Laulloo, Henri Li Kam Wah, Ponnadurai Ramasami – Publisher, Springer (2014)
73 Seismic Interpretation of Contractional Fault Related Folds – Edited by J. H. Shaw, C. Connors, & J. Suppe: AAPG Studies in Geology No. 53.
74 Existing Energy Manpower in Nigeria
75 Proceedings of the 1st International Workshop on Renewable Energy for Sustainable Development in Africa (IWRESDA)
76 Construction Materials Testing Equipment
77 Guide Book on Federal Parastatals
78 Renewable Energy Master Plan - Executive Summary
79 Cable & Wires Chnier Farm Brand
80 Product Catalogue
81 National Energy Data Bank
82 WEC National Workshop on Performance of Generating Plants
83 Draft National Energy Master Plan
84 Renewable Energy Master Plan
85 Journal of Energy Policy, Research & Development
86 Nigerian Journal of Renewable Energy
87 Proceedings of the Two Day Workshop on the Strengthening the Infrastructural Capacity of Research Centres
88 Proceedings of the Two Day Workshop on the Strengthening the Infrastructural Capacity of Research Centres
89 2011 - 2012 Annual Report: National Centre for Hydro Power Research & Development
90 Nigerian Mining and Geoscience Society (NMGS)
91 ATBU Bauchi Annual Report 1997 - 2001
92 PTDF Chair Endowment Fund Seminar, April 2012
93 International Journal of Renewable Energy & Environment (IJREE)
94 Review of the Geology & Petroleum Potentials of the Nigerian Sedimentary Basins
95 Counselling on Corruption
96 ACTU News Letters
97 Oil Field Reviews
98 Petroleum Technology Development Journals
99 Petroleum Technology Development Fund 2013 PTDF Compendium of Oil & Gas Research
100 Petroleum Technology Development Journals
101 Petroleum Technology Development Fund Proceedings of PTDF Technology Knowledge Sharing Programme (TKSP 2014)
102 Sedimentary and Organic Facies Characterization of the Cretaceous Sequences, Yola Sub-basin (PhD. Thesis By Dr. Babangida Muhammad Sarkin Yandoka)
103 Technical Transactions: National Centre for Hydropower Research & Devt.
104 ITF Manpower Training & Development 2011 Programme
105 Issues in Implementing the Nigerian Gas Master Plan
106 ECN News Bulletin 2010
107 Big Picture Magazines
108 Weather Man News Letters
109 NCPRD 2009 - 2010 Annual Report
110 Mining & Construction Journals
111 Federal Character Monitor
112 Federal Character Commission Handbook
113 NCEEC 2010/2011 Report
114 Energy Bulletins
115 Proceedings of Field Mapping Standardization Workshop

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